Who we are

Europe has always been more than a mere geographical term. In the past decades, particularly with the evolving European Union and the collapse of the European political division, Europe has become even more: an idea, a perspective, a framework. What EYP does for young people is putting them into a European contest and providing them with a greater, European perspective.
The EYP uses mainly three methods:

Firstly, by letting young people discuss pan-European issues and problems, it shows them that sometimes a problem, which at first might only seem local, is in fact a European problem. The young people find out, that their fellow young Europeans are confronted with very much the same problems as they are, which gives them a feeling of not being in it alone. On the other hand, by confronting them with completely different problems, it shows the youth that some issues, which to us seem of global importance, are in fact minor trouble compared to other issues.

Secondly, by making young people from all over Europe meet, EYP gives Europe a face and makes it reachable for young people. They do not any longer see different countries on the map of Europe as mere geographical objects, but can associate them with faces.

Thirdly, EYP shows the youth that Europe is much more than just the European Union. We EU citizens make
the mistake of seeing the EU as something inevitable for all of Europe, as the ultima ratio. By bringing EU citizens together with young people from non-EU countries, EYP teaches EU citizens, that there are in fact countries, which do not want to join the EU, which do not need to and probably never will. EYP thus helps to destroy negative EU-centrism, which can only hurt the European idea.

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