What are we doing

The national EYP Committees exist to promote the objectives of the EYP in their country. This is often achieved by organising various European events.

An important part of their work is to select the delegation that will represent their country at the autumn/winter and spring International EYP Sessions. To this end, many National Committees organise a selection process, often including regional and national conferences, a resolution/essay-writing competition, and an interview process, all judged by an independent jury. The exact method used varies from country to country. It should be added that usually students are selected as school teams, rather than as individuals.
Apart from the national selections, several committees also organise other activities within the EYP framework, often including one-off EYP events, with the aim of reaching out to the widest possible range of students and teachers.
All those who are involved in the running of these National Committees do so voluntarily, with EYP alumni, teachers, and other interested people working without recompense to give a new generation the chance to discover what the European Youth Parliament is all about.

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