EYP Slovakia

EYP Slovakia is one of over 39 committees of the European Youth Parliament International, the European umbrella organization of our organization.

EYP Slovakia is a national committee of EYP International, which means that our primary task is to select and coach delegations which will participate in international sessions of the European Youth Parliament.
Once a year, EYP Slovakia holds a so-called “national selection conference”, in which ten schools participate, of which two are chosen to represent Slovakia at an International session of the EYP. The national selections usually take place in autumn (mostly in October) in any Slovak city/town/village and last three days.
After the schools have been chosen, EYP Slovakia briefs them and prepares them for their participation in the upcoming session.
Apart from that, EYP Slovakia also serves as a link between EYP International and the schools in questions (since international sessions are organised by EYP Int. and the national committee of the country the session is held in).
EYP Slovakia also serves as a link to other national committees and sends members to act as officials in national sessions abroad and last.

“Young people, who actively deal with social and political questions and visions, take responsibility for our society, for our future. Being active and taking responsibility is fun – this is the experience people taking part in the European Youth Parliament get. We wholeheartedly support this initiative.”
– Julia Katharina Taeschner, Head of Corporate Responsibility,
Gruppe Deutsche Börse

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