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The EYP represents a non-partisan and independent educational project which is tailored specifically to the needs of the young European citizen.

Today the EYP is one of the largest European platforms for political debate, intercultural encounters, political educational work and the exchange of ideas among young people in Europe. The EYP consists of a network of 39 European associations and organisations in which thousands of young people are active in a voluntary capacity.

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Regional Committees

The European Youth Parliament (EYP)-Slovakia is one of over 39 committees of the European Youth Parliament International, the European umbrella organization of our organisation. We offer young people between 15 and 26 years of age the opportunity to express their opinion concerning European political topics.

Get involved in your own city! If there is any NC in your city let us know at nsc@eyp.sk:)

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Those taking part in the Sessions attend in one of a number of roles, which are detailed below:

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The European Youth Parliament

EYP Annual Report is available:)

The EYP Annual Report for 2015 is now available online. Keeping in mind the numerous challenges that arose and continued on the European continent in 2015, one of the most important focus areas for EYP activities in 2015 was certainly the support of Baltic and Eastern partnership countries in building a strong civil society. The most important role, in 2015 as well as in previous years, was however played by our active network of volunteers, young European citizens, willing to commit their time and passion to our activities.

4th NSC Session report

Amazing, unique and unforgettable experience! Those are the words I would describe 4th NSC EYP Slovakia. It is wonderful how young people can connect together and work for creating better Europe. „Build sustainable Europe“. Young people arrived for three days from all over Europe to discuss current topics in a parliamentary settings. Safer borders, migration management, refugees, Syrian crisis, human trafficking, sustainable business were the main issues which have been discussed during the session.

The first day (Teambuilding) was about knowing each other through a series of activities and games. During second day (Committee Work), the delegates analyzed the topic of their committee, identified the problems surrounding them and discussed solutions to these issues. The last part of session was a General Assembly, where the committees came together to present and debate the resolutions they wrote. Fortunately all resolutions passed.

Except hard work, everybody had fun, time to relax and what is the most important thing, we made new friendships and we will hopefully stay in touch and meet again somewhere in Europe. Finally it was everything about team cooperation. Everybody gave everything for this session. It is really admirable, how passionate and productive young citizens are.

After the session, most of the active delegates were selected to be a part of many sessions for the next year. The young generation can make new better life without violence and fighting. Young people have been linked together to provide support and try to build sustainable Europe. I hope that future Europeans were inspired to became open-minded, tolerant and active citizens.

See you next time!:)

written by Editor Valéria Kašperová


4th National Selection Conference is organized in cooperation with the National Council of Slovak Republik and  under the auspices of Parliamentary Chairman Peter Pellegrini and Minister of education Juraj Draxler.

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